Democracy activists call for taking action against junta over brutal attack on children


Mawlamyine, September (25)

Democracy activists have called on the international community to create an environment to take action against the military council for the children who lost their lives as a result of the military coup in the country.

On September 22, the National Unity Government (NGUG) reported that more than 1,500 children had been arbitrarily arrested and about 350 children had been killed nationwide as a part of the military council’s brutal crackdown.

Among them was the massacre of children at a school in Leyetkone village, Dabayin Township, Sagaing Region, by the junta’s airstrike.

The joint-secretary of the Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS), Daw Hnin Hnin Hmwe, said the Military Council is committing unimaginable heinous acts, so international organizations should not only issue statements on these issues, but also create an environment in which the Military Council can be effectively dealt with.

“What the military council is committing is a horrific crime. In the case of the Dibayin incident, it was very heartbreaking to hear the injured children asking to be killed because they were in so much pain,” she added.

On the other hand, the military council held 65 children as hostages to pressure their parents against the coup, and the number of children fleeing the conflict has reached more than 14,000.

According to NUG, more than half of Myanmar’s children are losing access to education as a result of the military coup.

On September 23, more than 600 civil society organizations sent an open letter to the UN Secretary-General requesting that UN agencies not engage with the military council, which is committing such war crimes, and only interact with the National Unity Government (NUG).

News – Than Lwin Times


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