Hpapun, September (25)

The pro-junta Border Guard Force (BGF) has expanded its presence in the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Brigade 5’s Hpapun District area, where the Brigade 5 said that locals are still the victims of human rights abuses.

More than 100 Border Guard Forces invaded the territory of Brigade 5 through Ohntaw dock, on September 21 and subjected the locals to forced labor.

On September 22, the BGF-1013 unit operating near mile post no. 40 of the Hpapun-Kamamong highway fired heavy weapons into the Denyahtaa area of ​​KNU Butho Township, causing the residents to panic, according to Brigade 5.

Conflicts between the BGF and the KNLA Brigade 5 occur regularly throughout the region under the control of the Brigade 5 of the Karen National Union, Hpapun District.

News -Than Lwin Times

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