Kyaikto, September (25)

The junta-controlled electricity department has been cutting off electricity to homes that have not yet paid electricity bills of 500,000 kyats or more in Mon State’s Kyaikto Township, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

Starting from the third week of September, the electricity department has been cutting off power to households that have to pay more than 500,000 kyats in electricity bills and those that do not pay electricity bills at all.

They cut off the power supply without giving any prior notice, the residents said.

At present, the Military Council has cut off power to at least 50 homes that do not pay electricity bills, leaving them in the dark.

Some houses that had to pay overdue bills of less than 500,000 Kyats were also cut off.

Some locals claim that they pay their electricity bills monthly in installments or in full to avoid being disconnected.

Last month, the revolutionary forces in Kyaikto Township warned the electricity office that collects electricity bills by bombing, and urged the people not to pay the bill.

The National Unity Government (NUG) declared last year that it had exempted household electrical payments during the military takeover.

News -Than Lwin Times

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