Nyaunglaybin, September (27)

The regime airstrike on villages and residential areas was an act of terror, said Padoh Khar Me, a member of the KNU-Nyaunglaybin District Standing Committee.

Since September 7, the Military Council has been conducting operations in three columns, with no opportunity for locals to leave owing to airstrikes and heavy weapon attacks on villages and workplaces in the Nyaunglaybin District held by the Karen National Union (KNU).

According to the KNU-Nyaunglaybin District Standing Committee, since May, 94 individuals have been wrongfully detained and tortured, resulting in 16 deaths and 21 injuries.

“Therefore, the junta army’s shelling and airstrikes on the villages are the ultimate act of terror. It is extremely inhumane to target civilians. Several people were killed, detained, and arrested. The livestock were also killed and eaten by the soldiers when they were stationed there. Additionally, they opened fire from aircraft and bombed the settlement of Kyaungpyar village  in Mone Township,” Padoh Khar Me said.

Pdoh Khar Me urges the public to work together to put an end to the military council’s inhumane acts of violence and evil system.

He further asked that the international organizations not recognize the military council, not engage with it, sanction all economic and political activities of the military council, and establish a secure zone for the people.

Military operations in Nyaunglaybin District have caused an estimated 100,000 people in 125 villages to flee their homes, according to the Standing Committee of the KNU-Nyaunglaybin District.

News – Than Lwin Times

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