Mawlamyine, September (27)

The military council is battling to revive Mon State’s impoverished tourism industry after the military takeover, tourism businessmen told Than Lwin Times.

The military council has instructed them to renovate historic buildings, caves, Mawlamyine Night Walking Street, and other landmarks, and make them crowded so that tourism can resume within the province.

In addition, on October 9, the full moon day of Thadingyut, the military council plans to reopen the Kyaik Htee Yoe Pagoda in Kyaikto Township, which is a well-known pilgrimage site for domestic and foreign tourists.

The Military Council is now convening and pushing hotel and tourism businesses to boost the province’s tourism sector.

Hotels, motels, and guesthouses in Mon state are also facing losses and are being pressured by the military to resume operations.

A tourism business person claimed that the military council attempted to restart tourism during the unrest in the nation, but due to strict restrictions, both domestic and foreign tourists will not visit Mos State as expected.

Prior to the military taking over, Mon State saw tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year, bringing in millions of US dollars.

However, Mon State’s tourism sector has deteriorated after the military coup, and the number of tourists has decreased significantly.

Most hotels, motels, and hotel businesses are suffering losses as a result of the decline in visitors, and several have shut down entirely.

However, the military council is desperately attempting to resume tourism in order to deceive the outside world into believing that the nation is at peace.

News – Than Lwin Times

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