Junta’s mobilization with five military columns won’t work: Resistance forces


Mawlamyine, September (28)

In Mon state, the five-column campaign for regional development, which includes staff of the departments controlled by the military council, is organizing to cooperate with the military and collect information, but it won’t work, the revolutionary forces said.

A group known as the Five Columns, which consists of employees from several departments under the Military Coup Council, has been traveling and organizing across Mon State since the first week of September.

“In late September, widespread mobilization has been carried out in most of the townships, and the people will not cooperate with the military council over its brutal actions against the people,” an official of the Revolutionary Forces told the Than Lwin Times.

The military council’s five columns were mobilizing the locals under the name of community peace, rule of law, security, education, health, social welfare, agriculture, human trafficking awareness, and full vaccination for COVID-19.

The military council’s five-column plan is being led by heads from 21 township-level departments in Mon state.

The five military columns include staff from departments for rural development, health, and education development, but in reality, Mon residents believe that they mainly persuaded to collect information about PDF and to cooperate with the military council.

News – Than Lwin Times


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