Mawlamyine, September (29)

People with disabilities have lost almost all their rights and are facing the worst situation in terms of health and livelihood, according to the aid workers who assist the disabled.

People with disabilities are struggling to survive after the military coup, including the loss of rights such as access to education, health care, vocational training, and employment opportunities.

People with disabilities have to depend on one another in recent years, and they have little legal protection.

Furthermore, as a result of the country’s economic crisis, people with disabilities have been laid off, job opportunities are scarce, and educational opportunities have been lost.

People with disabilities are affected mentally and physically because there are no health care providers, and some small business owners have to close their businesses due to high commodity prices.

A person with disabilities said that if they continue to face these difficulties, they may end up committing suicide because they are not perfect like normal people.

Aid workers who assist the disabled have urged the public to provide as much mental and physical support to the disabled as possible.

According to the 2019 inter-censual survey, people with disabilities account for 12.8 percent of the Population and the number of people with disabilities may increase as a result of the ongoing conflict, according to those who assist people with disabilities.

News – Than Lwin Times

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