IDPs in Tanintharyi in need of humanitarian aid


Tanintharyi, October 6

In Tanintharyi, the people fleeing from the fighting between the two sides are in need of food, medicine, and humanitarian assistance, the Dawna-Tanintaryi refugee support group told Than Lwin Times.

After the military coup, fighting continues between the Military Council and the Joint forces of People’s Defense Forces in Tanintharyi.

Therefore, more than 7,000 residents from Palaw, Tanintharyi, Yebyu, Dawei, and Thayatchaung have fled their homes because of the conflict between the two sides.

According to an official of the Dawna-Tanintaryi refugee support group, the IDPs are in need of food and medicine depending on the area they currently live in.

The military council blocked all routes used to deliver food and medicine to the displaced people, making it difficult for the support groups to transport the humanitarian aid.

At present, the local people mainly depend on the food they bring and live frugally.

The people fleeing the conflict in Tanintharyi are taking refuge in forest areas, nearby relatives’ homes, monasteries, liberated areas, and refugee camps, according to Dawna-Tanintaryi refugee support group.

News – Than Lwin Times


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