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Mawlamyine, October (9)

Bean suppliers told Than Lwin Times that there is less stock of beans on the domestic market because of the growing demand from India and China for beans produced in Mon State.

While local farmers and traders have less supply of black gram and pulses, there is a shortage of beans due to rising demand from China and India.

India and China are importing only local beans from Myanmar due to the bad weather and heavy losses in their country.

According to a bean trade, if India and China continue to purchase beans from Myanmar through November, there may be no bean or pea stocks on the local market.

In addition to exports abroad, domestic demand for beans is also on the rise due to the festival season.

The price of beans also decreased due to the decline in the value of the dollar, despite the fact that domestically produced beans are in strong demand abroad.

Currently, the price of green gram stands at Ks 48,000 per basket (20 viss), nearly Ks 60,000 for black gram and Ks 62,000 for soybean.

In Mon State, black gram, green bean, soybean, and green gram (shwewag) are mainly grown, and they are mainly exported to India and China, while Pakistan, Nepal, Singapore, and Thailand also purchase Burmese beans.

News – Than Lwin Times

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