Yangon, October (9)

The NUG has declared that in 2023, it will shift from a defensive to an offensive strategy, attempting to make the revolution successful by opening six fronts from different angles, including political, military, economic, and international affairs.

On October 7, NUG spokesperson U Nay Phone Latt spoke at a press conference titled “Reviews on the One-Year Anniversary of People’s Defensive War and Presentation of Future Mission.”

A Karenni Nationalities Defence Force official advised the NUG to strengthen ties with revolutionary forces and provide weapons and ammunition in order to bring the revolution to an end in the coming year.

The NUG currently controls more than half of the country’s territory, and the People’s Defense Forces also control villages and roads in Sagaing and Magway, he added.

According to the NUG, it is preparing to take over the cities and is putting plans in place to minimize the impact on the people.

An official of the Karenni State Consultative Council also told Than Lwin Times that the Karenni Revolution Forces are ready to end the revolution.

The NUG has already installed air defense systems to be used on the battlefields, the Minister of Communication, Information, and Technology, U Htin Lin Aung said at the press conference.

The military council is preparing to hold the election in 2023, but according to NUG, the election will not take place because the military council cannot effectively control the regions and its administrative system is already inoperable.

News – Than Lwin Times

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