Dawei, October (12)

A military convoy was hit by landmine on the Dawei-Ye route near Maung Mae Shaung village in Tanintaryi Region’s Maung Mae Shaung village.

The People’s Defense Forces attacked a nine-vehicle military convoy carrying troops from the Battalions No. (403), (404) and (405) based in Thayat Chuang Township, which was leaving from Dawei to Ye.

The attack might have killed at least five military personnel, a Dawei-based PDF comrade said.

After the mine attack, the junta soldiers opened fire on the surrounding area, but the PDFs were able to withdraw without any casualties, he said.

The military convoys were frequently attacked by land mines near Maung Mae Shaung village, suffering heavy losses.

After the military coup, clashes between the military council and PDFs continued in Tanintharyi Region, forcing  7,000 local residents to flee to nearby forests and safe places.

News – Than Lwin Times

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