Mawlamyine, October (12)

The National Government Union (NUG) will annul the 2023 general election to be held by Military Council as a political escape, the acting president, Duwa Lashi La said.

The Acting President made this statement at the 71st cabinet meeting of the National Unity Government held on the morning of October 11.

Acting President Duwa Lashi La said that he planned beyond the level of annulment of the election of the Military Council.

In addition, the interim president said that the military council expected the election to be a political escape for them and that they were trying to hold an election after a leadership reshuffle in the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP).

As the consequences of Myanmar’s military coup grew, the interim president claimed that the army was recklessly cracking down on the people.

Despite receiving international aid, the acting president urged the members of the National Unity Government to be especially careful as it is difficult to reach the public beyond the obstruction of the military council.

The NUG government has announced that it expects to end the revolution within a year and will eradicate the military council.

News – Than Lwin Times

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