Yebyu, October (15)

Four military personnel were killed and two others were injured in an attack on a military checkpoint at Kalainaung Bridge in Tannintharyi Region’s Yebyu Township, the PDF officials said.

The checkpoint, which was provided security by 15 regime troops, was caught in a surprise attack by the People’s Defense Forces at around 3 am on October 14.

After the attack, the two sides exchanged fire for nearly 30 minutes, and then the People’s Defense Forces were able to successfully retreat without harm.

It is reported that the bodies of the deceased soldiers and the injured were taken back to the No. 406 Battalion by the military troops who came to reinforce the junta army.

The 30-strong military forces have searched for the members of PDF along the riverbank and in the forest, inspecting pedestrians.

The security forces at Kalainaung checkpoint frequently extorted money from motorcyclists, vendors and passers-by, the locals said. 

News – Than Lwin Times

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