Tanintharyi, October (18)

Military convoys traveling on the Myeik-Dawei highway in Tanintharyi Region forced civilian cars to drive between their convoys for protection, the officials from Tanintharyi Regional Command told Than Lwin Times.

Civilian cars were never used in convoys by the military council before, but they are now used as shields. 

The junta forces used this strategy to distort the activities of the People’s Defense Forces because they were frequently mined.

As a result, a representative of the Tanintharyi Regional Command has issued a warning to the people not to travel unnecessarily and, to avoid the convoys of the military council.

A combat mission was canceled because the military council was forcing civilian cars to drive between military convoys as a shield, Thayatchaung PDF said.

Military convoys have been mined at least 100 times in Tanintharyi since the military coup, suffering heavy losses.

News – Than Lwin Times

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