Kyaikto, October (18)

The junta armed forces launched a large-scale invasion of Kyaikto held by KNU Brigade 1, a spokesperson for KNU’s Thaton District, Padoh Saw Aye Naing said.

Since October 14, more than 150 troops have invaded the Zeepyaung village tract, while another 200-strong unit has entered the Pyinkatoegone village tract.

On October 14, a clash between the Karen National Liberation Army and regime forces broke out near Sitsigone village, and another between Kawkayeik and Painnegone village.

Moreover, the two sides clashed again near the cemetery in Painnegone village. It is not yet known whether there were any casualties, Padoh Saw Aye Naing said.

The invasion occurred after the KNLA joint forces attacked the security gate of the Military Council at the foot of Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Hill on October 12.

Hundreds of local residents are said to have been forced to flee into the forests and to the homes of relatives as military council troops moved in.

Following the military coup, clashes between the military council and the KNLA joint forces have continued in Kyaikto Township.

News – Than Lwin Times

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