Mawlamyine, October (26)

According to locals and revolutionary forces, the Mon State’s military council has been organizing sports events and funfairs to distract the youth and people from the revolution.

In order to distract young people from the revolution, the Military Council sponsors amateur football, futsal, chess, and other sporting events in the state’s townships.

The Military Council is trying to distract the youth from the revolution, so the youth in Thaton Township should participate as much as possible without turning their backs on the revolution, a PDF said.

In addition, the revolutionary forces have urged people to oppose the military council by not participating in the sports competitions that the military council is holding.

An advocate for democracy claimed that the military council’s hosting of fairs and sporting events is a deception of the international community into believing that the nation is at peace and stable.

According to the revolutionary forces, the youth would support the revolution and assist in the overthrow of the military dictatorship if they refrained from military council activities.

In Mon State, the military council is using a variety of tactics to make the youth lose interest in the revolution by holding sports competitions, giving sports training, and holding fun events.

News – Than Lwin Times

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