Thayetchaung, October (26)

The junta forces have launched a massive offensive in many villages, including Taungpyauk area in Thayatchaung Township of Tanintharyi Region’s Myeik District, searching for resistance forces, the sources said.

The 100-strong military unit in five vehicles advanced towards Karenchaung and Katae villages in the Taungpyauk area of Thayatchaung Township since October 22.

Most of the local residents are fleeing due to the military council’s intrusion, fearing that there will be a clash with the People’s Defense Forces.

According to a local, military forces have been stationed in Thaechaugngyi, Winkaphaw, Kyaukai, and Kanathi villages, clearing the area, organizing Pyu Saw Htee members, and extorting money at Kanathi port.

In addition, along with the military forces , three warships are also on standby at Kanathi dock.

The junta forces ransacked the local houses and arrested a man from Aungthayatchaung village and two others from Katwe village.

Residents said that armed forces in plain clothes, including Pyu Saw Htee militia, have reinforced in Thayatchaung Township with military vehicles and trucks loaded with heavy weapons.

News – Than Lwin Times

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