Mawlamyine, October (30)

The five soldiers from the Military Council came from a combined force of KNLA Brigade 6 and joined CDM in Kyarinnseikgyi Township, Karen State, where there is military tension, according to the Red Dragon.

On the early morning of October 29, three soldiers from Light Infantry Battalion 358, one from Light Infantry Battalion 432 and one from Infantry Battalion, who were invading the KNU’s 6th Brigade in  Kyarinnseikgyi Township,  joined CDM at KNLA Battalion 17 and Red Dragon Column.

According to the statement, the Red Dragon Column’s 2nd Division gave 50,000 Kyats to each of these five soldiers, and the Public Administration Association of Kyarinnseikgyi Township and the Red Dragon officials helped provide equipment and clothing for them.

The five soldiers who joined the KNLA were unarmed, and some of them were the ones who fled from the battle that took place near Tagay village, Kyarinnseikgyi Township, on October 15.

The KNU officials said that those who surrendered to the Karen National Union (KNU), the prisoners of war captured during the fighting and the CDMs were well cared for and kept in accordance with the rules and regulations.

After the military coup, nearly 8,000 police and soldiers joined the CDM, according to the National Unity Government NUG.

News – Than Lwin Times

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