Few visitors at Kyaiktiyo Pagoda despite free services for pilgrims


Kyaikto, November (4)

Following the attack on Kyaikthio Pagoda in Mon State, the authorities offered free services in an attempt to raise the number of pilgrims, however there were few visitors, the residents and vendors told Than Lwin Times.

On October 12, after the exchange of fire between two groups at the foot of Kyaiktiyo Mountain, there were hardly any pilgrims, so the Mon State’s Military Council and the Board of Trustees have planned free services for the Tazaungdaing Festival in order to crowd the pagoda with pilgrims.

The pilgrims coming on the 3rd and 4th of November will have free accommodation and free ride to climb the Kyaiktiyo mountain, and visitors will be served with food and snacks on the premises and foot of the Kyaiktiyo pagoda.

A local said that despite the free services, there are only a few hundred pilgrims, not even a third of the number of pilgrims who come on public holidays.

Due to the low number of pilgrims, some shops at Taungpaw and Kinmonchaung camps are temporarily closed and most of the buses have stopped running.

Under the pretext of providing security for the pilgrims, the military council checked the bags of visitors, NRCs, proof of COVID vaccination, and collected personal information near the statue of two lions.

Before the military takeover, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda was visited by nearly a thousand pilgrims every day, and on weekends and religious holidays, there are tens of thousands of pilgrims.

On October 12, two sides exchanged fire at the bus terminal at the foot of Kyaiktiyo Mountain, killing three pilgrims and injuring 13 others. There have been very few pilgrims since then.

News – Than Lwin Times


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