Tanintharyi, November (4)

The regime forces are suffering in Taninthari battles that have been raging since October 29, according to the combined unit of Tanintharyi’s PDFs.

The clash broke out when a combined unit of Tanintharyi’s PDFs and Division 1 of Myeik Battalion 2 attacked junta troops that were marching towards Nyaungpingwin village.

The battle between the two sides has extended from the village of Nyaungpingwin to the villages of Banlaw, Maringyi cross road and Tonbyaw villages.

During the 5-day battle that took place on October 29 to November 2, 10 people including a Warrant Officer II on the junta side were killed and many were injured, according to the spokesperson of the combined unit of Tanintharyi’s PDFs.

It was reported that a deputy battalion commander from the junta side was killed in the battle, but Than Lwin Times has not been able to independently confirm it.

Currently, due to the fighting between the two sides, more than 3,000 local residents of the villages such as Nyaungpingwin, Banglaw, Maringyi, Chaukmile, Htonetaw, Moteseikgwin and Kywehteingwin are taking shelter in the forests, monasteries, and relatives’ homes near the villages.

Due to the heavy weapons shot by the military council, a 13-year-old girl and one 40-year-old man from Nyaungpingwin village were both seriously wounded, and at least 15 homes were also damaged.

Currently, military troops are reportedly blocking and inspecting the commuters on the roads leading to villages in Tanintharyi Township, and restricting the transportation of food.

News – Than Lwin Times

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