Nearly 80 soldiers killed in Hpapun battles in a month


Hhpapun, November (5)

Last month, the fighting between the junta army and the KNLA Brigade 5 in Hpapun District, which is controlled by the Karen National Union (KNU), resulted in the deaths of nearly 80 troops from the military council and the Border Guard Force (BGF), the KNU Brigade 5 reported.

There were 136 clashes between the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)’s Brigade 5 and a joint force of military personnel and Border Guard Forces (BGF) between October 1 and October 31.

One captain and one sergeant were among the 79 killed and 64 injured on the sides of the military council and the BGF in those battles.

According to the statement, a comrade from the KNLA’s 5th Brigade lost his life and 16 others were injured.

In the Hpapun District, the Military Council dropped four bombs at four different locations without causing any casualties. However, the Military Council and BGF soldiers purposefully fired heavy weapons into the villages, destroying ten homes, killing three civilians, and injuring eight more.

In October, the three soldiers of the Military Council surrendered to the 5th Division of the KNU’s Hpapun District with weapons.

According to the statements from civil society organizations, fighting between the KNLA’s 5th Brigade and a joint force of the junta army and the BGF of the Military Council is ongoing daily in the three townships controlled by the KNU 5th Brigade, forcing nearly 100,000 locals to flee.

News-Than Lwin Times


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