13 civilians killed, nearly 200 others arrested by junta in KNU-controlled area


Kawthoolei, November (8)

The arbitrarily shooting by military council and Border Guard Forces (BGF) in Kawthoolei area killed 13 civilians, including a monk and novice, while nearly 200 others were detained in October, according to KNU.

The military council and allied BGFs are conducting daily military operations inside the Kawthoolei administrative area, so there are daily clashes with the KNLA / KNDO.

The military council and BGF forces have deliberately fired heavy weapons into villages and workplaces where innocent civilians live and carried out airstrikes targeting civilians.

In addition, the military council and its allies have been burning and destroying people’s houses, looting valuables and money, killing and eating livestock owned by the locals, threatening, arresting, and torturing the residents. The KNU statement stated that the local villagers are facing many difficulties because they are not allowed to harvest.

In October, 10 civilians were killed due to the deliberate firing of heavy weapons and small arms by the military council and BGF forces on villages in the KNU’s Thaton, Nyaunglaybin, Myeik-Dawei , Hpapun, and Dooplayar districts. The three civilians were also shot and killed for no reason, and 36 others were injured, the KNU statement said.

Similarly, 41 local people’s homes, including a monastery, were destroyed due to mortar shells and arson attacks by the military council and the BGF troops.

In addition to the airstrikes on the villages, the regime forces arrested nearly 200 civilians and forcibly took 700 lakhs from the people.

In the KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District, the military council arrested some villagers, interrogated them, tortured them, forced them to serve as porters, and used them as human shields.

The military council forbids rice harvesting in Kyaukgyi and Mone townships, making it impossible for the locals to earn a living. Furthermore, civilians in the Myeik-Dawei district have been subjected to army restrictions on food transportation.

More than 300,000 people have fled the violence as a result of daily fighting in the Kawthoolei administrative area, and more than 100,000 individuals are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

News-Than Lwin Times


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