Launglon, November (8)

The military council burned down a camp of Launglon People’s Defence Force (LLPDF) camp near Thaepone village in Tanintharyi Region’s Launglon Township and took some weapons and property, the LLPDF said.

A large number of mines were laid to attack the military column advancing towards the camp, but due to the people traveling to the festival, their plans had to be canceled and the camp was also lost, said the LLPDF official.

After confiscating the camp, the junta troops poured salt into the petrol and engine oil holes of the three motorcycles and burned the tents.

In addition, the regime troops confiscated over 30 improvised firearms, mines, and food from the camp.

Although the camp was seized, the comrades of the People’s Defense Forces were able to move to a safe place, the statement said.

The camp was seized because the mine attack plans were canceled because of the people, and the Launglon PDF appealed to them to stay away from the regime troops.

News -Than Lwin Times

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