Tanintharyi, November (10)

The fighting in nearly every township intensified daily after the military council troops’ massive invasion of Tanintharyi, the members of the People‚Äôs Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

Since the middle of October, the military council has been preparing military operations in Dawei, Yebyu, Thatyatchuang, Palaw, Launglon, Bokepyin, and Tanintharyi with the army and navy forces to seize Tanintharyi.

The military council troops are now marching to places in Tanintharyi where the People’s Defense Forces are believed to be stationed.

According to an official from eastern Dawei PDF, the fighting is getting more fierce daily owing to the advance of military council.

At present, the military council has deployed at least 1,000 troops in Tanintharyi, extending its military presence in some areas.

Therefore, the local public defense forces warn residents to abide by the rules and seek assistance when necessary.

Thousands of locals in Tanintharyi are currently fleeing the conflict and seeking refuge in neighboring forests and evacuation shelters. They are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

The regime forces, on the other hand, restricted the transport of food and medicine in Tanintharyi, blocked some roads for security reasons, and carried out stringent searches and inspections.

The local civil defense forces have warned the public to make preparations as the fighting may intensify in the coming months.

News-Than Lwin Times

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