Yangon, November (10)

On November 8, the coup council said that it would deactivate mobile SIM cards that did not match the information provided by the Ministry of Immigration and Population.

The user names and registration numbers filled by SIM card users during registration will be checked to immigration data, and incorrect numbers will be closed.

As a result, users of phone SIM cards should check to see if they are registered before January 31, 2023, as SIM cards with inaccurate information will be closed.

Technical experts concluded that the regime’s request to register SIM cards was an attempt to gather information about revolutionaries.

After the coup d’état, the military council has been oppressing the people in various ways to put them into crisis, and has also cut off communication and internet access in areas where the fighting is intense.

In Myanmar, there are more than 63 million SIM card users, according to local telecom operators, and the military is presently attempting to control the mobile network operators.

News-Than Lwin Times

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