Kyaikmaraw, November (13)

The military council launched airstrikes continuously on the morning of November 12 after the combined revolutionary forces took control of the police station in Kwaimaro Township, Mon State, the residents said.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) joint forces attacked and seized the junta police station in Chaunghnakhwa village around 5 am on November 12.

“The revolutionary forces have taken over the police station near the Chaunghnakhwa on the way to Kyainseikgyi. Police were among the dead. The junta aircraft dropped bombs, making loud noises,” said a resident.

Locals said yesterday that the regime forces have been carrying out continuous airstrikes since the police station was captured by KNLA forces, and that there are still aircraft hovering over the area until now.

Initial reporting received by Than Lwin Times indicates that nine police were killed in the KNLA’s attack to occupy the Chaunghnakhwa police station.

All the villagers have to flee since the junta forces are currently bombarding them with aircraft.

News-Than Lwin Times

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