Junta army kills residents in Ponnagyun Township’s Sin Inn Gyi village


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This program verifies fake news and misinformation about revolution events spread on social media after the military takeover.

Today, the story “Eight Arakan residents killed by AA found dead in Ponnagyun Township” will be checked.

On November 12, this content was first uploaded through the pro-military KYAW SWAR’s Telegram channel. Photos are being spread along with the news that eight Rakhine villagers were killed by AA and found dead in Ponnagyun Township.

You can browse the source of the misinformation at the link below.

 – https://bit.ly/3UNzrOm

When Than Lwin Times checked the post, it was found to be a made-up story, and in fact, nine residents of Sin Inn Gyi village were killed by the regime forces.

The military council’s terrorist troops entered the village of Sin Inn Gyi in Ponnagyun Township of Rakhine State on November 11 and slaughtered nine local residents, according to the Narinjara News Agency.


Than Lwin Times


After Arana Army (AA) attacked a ration delivery truck of military council with a mine in the early morning of November 10, the military column entered the village of Sin Inn gyi and killed villagers in the evening of November 11, Narinjara news agency wrote. The Arakan Army (AA) has issued a warning letter that it will respond with the strongest retaliation against regime forces from the Light Infantry Battalion (550), based in Ponnagyun Township, who committed war crimes by mass killing local residents.

According to the above facts, the rumor circulated by army supporters on social media that “eight Arakan residents killed by AA found dead in Ponnagyun Township” is a fake story that conceals the truth of the incident.

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