Tanintharyi, November (16)

The nine military personnel were killed and six were injured in the fighting between the two sides in Mawdon village and Bodhikan village in Tanintharyi Township on November 14, according to the statement released by Myeik PDF’s Battalion-2.

The combined force of the 2nd squadron of Myeik PDF’s Battalion-2 and Tanintharyi Guerrilla Force clashed with the 100-strong military troops from  Light Infantry Battalions 557 and 558 , who were marching towards the west bank of Mawdon village.

The battle lasted for almost four hours, and six junta soldiers were killed and six others were wounded, and a PDF comrade sustained injuries.

And another clash broke out around 8 am on November 14 when PDF joint forces attacked the regime troops stationed near a bridge at Bawdhikan village.

The raid killed three military soldiers, and the PDF joint forces were able to withdraw successfully without any casualties.

Locals claimed that a civilian was killed by a gunshot during the battle between the two sides but that his body has not yet been collected at the time of reporting.

The military council launched a massive offensive in Tanintharyi, intensifying the conflict with the PDF joint forces.

News-Than Lwin Times

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