Mawlamyine, November (18)

Dr. Banya Aung Moe, a representative of the Mon Unity Party and a member of the military council after the coup, was awarded the honorary title of Sithu by the military leader, according to a statement released by the authorities on November 17.

The military leader, General Min Aung Hlaing, said that in honor of the National Day which fell on November 17, he awarded medals of honor to individuals who made outstanding performances.

Members of the military council, including Dr. Banya Aung Moe, officials from the Ministry of Defense, and the deceased writers and journalists were also awarded honorary titles.

 Lt. Gen. Soe Win, the second military leader, was awarded the Maha Thray Sithu, and Union Ministers of regional and state governments and leaders of religious congregations were conferred the title of Thiri Pyanchi.

Dr. Banyar Aung Moe is a member of the Mon Unity Party and won the 2020 general election in Ye Township constituency.

After the military coup, when the military council offered the Mon Unity Party membership, the party sent Dr. Banya Aung Moe as a representative, amid the objections of the Mon people.

Furthermore, Nai Layi Tama, a member of the Mon Unity Party’s central working group, is a member of the Military Council of Mon State.

News-Than Lwin Times

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