Kyainseikgyi, November (20)

The military council threatened to burn down the village if the KNLA joint forces attacked the junta camp in Lutshan village, in the territory of the Karen National Union (KNU)’ 6th Brigade, the resistance forces in Kyarinseingyi reported.

On the morning of November 15, KNLA joint forces assaulted the regime base in Lutshan village on the Phayar Thone Su-Thanbyuzayat road in Kyainseikgyi Township, resulting in many casualties on the junta side.

On November 17, the junta’s armed forces, which suffered heavy losses in the battle that took place in Lutshan village, came to the elders and monks of the village and threatened to burn down the village if their camp was attacked again, the young people who are fighting for the Spring Revolution said.

When the KNLA joint forces were about to seize the junta camp in Lutshan village, they had to retreat due to the continuous bombardment by military aircraft.

The military council seized local villagers and used them as human shields during the conflict, while air forces backed their camp with airstrikes and heavy weapons.

The military council arrests civilians and uses them as human shields during the fighting, and if their camp is attacked, they often fire into the villages and burn them down.

Nearly 2,000 local residents of Lutshan and nearby villages have fled to safety after fighting broke out in Lutshan village in KNU’s 6th Brigade.

News-Than Lwin Times

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