Launglon, November (20)

A group of young people were shot during an anti-coup protest in front of the Basic Education High School in Launglon, Tanintharyi Region, on November 19, the Democracy Movement Strike Committee (Dawei) told Than Lwin Times.

Members of the Launglon Basic Education Students’s Strike Committee and the Dawei Democracy Movement Strike Committee were shot that morning about 8:00 am as they staged a protest while carrying a banner that read, “We will oppose injustice, and peacocks brave to die for the truth.”

But the protesters have returned to safe places without any injuries, according to an official of the Dawei Democracy Movement Strike Committee.

The strike committee said that the military council must be held accountable for the terrorist act of shooting at young people who were protesting peacefully.

Security forces cracked down on young people staging a protest by shooting in September last year in Launglon, however the youngsters were not detained and their motorcycles were seized.

Non-violent activities against the military dictatorship are still going on until now in Launglon Township.

News-Than Lwin Times

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