Launglon, November (22)

The two young people were shot dead and two others were injured when the junta troops deliberately opened fire at them near the People’s Hospital in Tanintharyi’s Launglon Township, the Democracy Movement Strike Committee of Dawei told Than Lwin Times.

Around noon on November 21, the two young men who were unwillingly being inspected by junta troops who were stopping the motorcycles turned back and were then chased and gunned down by the troops.

A young motorcyclist was shot and killed there, and another was taken into custody with gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, Maung Aung Weiyan, 14, and Ma Yoon Pyae Thazin, 12, who were riding from Thabyar village to Launglon Township, were also hit by gunfire from a military council car.

According to reports, Maung Aung Weiyan died at home from a gunshot wound, while his sister Ma Yoon Pyae Thazin was shot in the thigh.

Following the military takeover, the military council’s shooting and armed conflict resulted in the deaths of almost 300 people in Tanintharyi region, said the research group, Southern Monitor.

News-Than Lwin Times

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