Myawaddy, November (25)

There have been ongoing clashes between KNLA joint forces and junta forces on the Myawaddy-Walley road in KNU’s Brigade 6 in recent days, resulting in casualties on both sides.

On November 22, the support vehicle of the KNLA Cobra column was ambushed, and some comrades were killed and wounded at a place on the Myawaddy-Walley road in Brigade 6.

the No.102 Light Infantry Battalion camped near Balado village on Myawaddy-Walley road was bombed by the joint force of the Cobra column, the 8th KNDO battalion and the drone forces of Dawn Federal Wings from the evening to late night of November 22.

The Federal Wings drone force used 37 bombs in 12 attacks. As a result of the attack, eight members of the military council were killed and about 15 soldiers, including the battalion commander, were seriously injured, the Federal Wings drone force reported citing military sources.

The conflict between the Military Council and the KNLA joint forces on the Myawaddy-Walley road is currently escalating. In an effort to retake the Thaebawboe camp, the military council is stepping up its military operations to dominate the area and control Myawaddy-Walley route.

The battles between the military regime and the KNLA joint forces intensified on the Myawaddy-Walley road in Brigade 6 area, and Kawkayeik and Kyainseikgyi Townships.

The Military Council’s artillery fire and airstrikes resulted in local people being killed and injured, and a greater number of people were forced to flee the conflict, said the volunteers who assist the refugees.

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