Thayatchaung, Novembr (26)

The comrade, Thandaing, the commander of the Dawei People’s Defense Front, who was arrested by the Military Council in Winkaphaw village in Tanintharyi Region’s Thayatchaung Township, died during interrogation, the Dawei People’s Defense Front reported on November 24.

The four PDF comrades, including Comrade Thandaing, on two motorcycles, were arrested when they were on their way to Winkaphaw village in Taungpyauk District for work around 9 am on November 9.

After the military council sent four PDF detainees to interrogation centres for questioning, the commander of the Dawei People’s Defense Front was killed on November 13.

The military council did not return the body of Comrade Thandaing, who died during the interrogation, to the family members, a member Dawei People’s Defense Front told Than Lwin Times.

The three others who were arrested along with the squadron commander Comrade, Thandaing were sent to Dawei Prison after being beaten and tortured by the military personnel.

The squadron commander, Comrade Thangdaing, along with Comrade Kyaw Htike, Comrade Ranbo, and Comrade Bochi were arrested along with three pistols, four rifle magazines, 68 bullets, one walkie talkie, two phones, and two motorcycles.

The seven Dawei PDFs have issued a joint statement expressing their condolences for the death of the squadron commander, Comrade Thandaing, and honoring him as a martyr.

News-Than Lwin Times

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