Kyainseikgyi, November (29)

The junta troops torched two villages when they conducted military operations in Khale Tagondaing district in Kyainseikgyi under KNU-controlled Brigade 6, the Kyainseikgyi Public Administration reported.

The military column that invaded Palain village in Khale Tagondaing district set fire to a local’s home as well as another in Nyein Chan Myaing village, said the report.

That area is the 16th Battalion area under KNLA Brigade 6 in Winyay Township, Dupalaya District. The arson attack may worsen the conflict in the area, although this depends on how the KNU responds.

In recent days, the regime forces have marched in two columns towards Khale Tagondaing, firing heavy weapons and arresting and guiding some local residents.

In addition, the residents say that a military column is heading towards the Khale Tagondaing route and is now in Totpalae village.

Local reports assert that there is concern for an offensive against the Karen Liberation Army (KNLA) combined force because the columns appear to be sending more troops to the police station in the Khale Tagondaing district.

The current situation has forced the people of nearby villages to flee, the Kyainseikgyi Public Administration reported.

The junta’s reinforcement came after the KNLA joint forces occupied the Taungkalay Police Station and Chaunghnakhwa Police Station in Taungkalay village under the KNU’s Brigade 6 area in November.

News-Than Lwin Times

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