Yangon, Novembr (29)

The coup council has threatened to take action under the Counter-Terrorism Law against those who play PDF games that provide financial support to the armed revolution against the military dictatorship.

The PDF games like PDF Hero, The PDF Hero-2, End Game: Union Multiplayer War of Heroes and The PDF game are those that promote violence, and the Military Council stated that creating, playing, and advertising in these games violates Anti-Terrorism Law.

A young man who plays PDF games and supports the revolution said that the current move of the military regime is an attempt to instill fear in the minds of PDF game players and to interrupt the financial flow for the revolution, and we will not stop playing PDF games.

After the military coup, the resistance forces developed online platforms such as game applications, websites, and YouTube to support the People’s Defense Forces, revolutionary forces and the National Unity Government (NUG).

A young man playing the PDF game and supporting the revolution said that no matter what laws the military council issues, we need to do things regularly for the revolution.

In recent days, the military council has spread propaganda on social media platforms that NUG and CRPH affiliated individuals may face prosecution for participating in the PDF Game with the intent of creating a false impression of the Tatmadaw and instilling a desire for revolution.

On the other hand, since the coup, the military council has detained and imprisoned more than 16,000 people who opposed it.

News-Than Lwin Times

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