Thaton, November (29)

The regime forces conducted aerial bombardment on the old headquarters of the Karen National Union (KNU) Brigade 1 in Thaton District, Padoh Saw Soe Myint, chairman of KNU-Thaton District, told Than Lwin Times.

The two junta aircraft bombed the old headquarters of the KNU in Belin Township around 11 pm on November 26.

The explosion destroyed two office buildings, but no KNU troops were hurt, he claimed.

The former headquarters of the KNU Brigade 1, which was bombed, has not been inhabited since the military coup, according to Padoh Saw Soe Myint, chairman of the KNU-Thaton District.

The military council also conducted aerial reconnaissance prior to bombing KNU Brigade 1’s former headquarters.

Currently, the military regime is conducting reconnaissance almost every night with drones and aircraft in Belin Township of KNU Brigade 1.

The residents of Wintapan, Laykay, Myitkyoinn, Kyaukphyar and nearby villages hide and sleep in other places at night and dare to return to the village only in the daytime.

In May, during the military tension between the two sides, the military council conducted three aerial bombings of Laykay village in Belin Township, resulted in the fire destruction of 10 homes, according to the KNU.

News-Than Lwin Times

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