Nyaunlaybin, December (1)

After clashing with the KNLA/KNDO forces in the 3rd Brigade of the Karen National Union (KNU)-controlled area of ​​Nyaunglaybin District, the regime forces not only fired heavy weapons at the communities but also set fire to at least 20 local homes, the KNU reported.

On November 27, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA)/Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) clashed with the junta army in Bawkahtar village of Kyaukgyi Township under Nyaunglabin District.

Following the conflict, the military council fired heavy weapons into the Mabigyi village, targeting the civilians and destroying three homes, a school, and a clinic in Mabygyi village, according to KNU.

Furthermore, on November 28, the No. 20 Light Infantry Battalion set fire to 17 local homes along the Padaekaw-Min route in Kyaukgyi Town’s Padaekaw village, and three more homes in Bawkahtar village on November 29.

According to a member of the local Karen social relief group in Nyaunglaybin District, the residents of that region are afraid to go back to their houses.

More than 8,000 people from 13 villages have been forced to leave as a result of aerial bombing and artillery fire since November 12, when heavy fighting broke out between the regime forces and the KNLA/KNDO in Kyaukgyi Township, in the 3rd Brigade region (Nyaunglabyin).

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