Kyaikto, December (1)

Mai Aung Nay Tun, an electrical assistant engineer, was shot and killed near the administration office in Kankaw ward in Mon State’s Kyaikto Township in the evening of November 29, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

The unidentified gunmen on motorcycles attacked three electrical staff that day at around 5:00 pm while they were going to the township general administrator’s home from the Kyaikto electricity office to repair electrical problems. Mai Aung Nay Tun, an electrical engineer, was one of the victims.

Electrical engineer Mai Aung Nay Tun received seven gunshot wounds to the chest and head and died on the way to Kyuktha Hospital.

There are reports that the deceased electrical engineer, Mai Aung Nay Tun, was shot and killed for cutting off electricity to some neighborhoods and villages that did not pay electricity bills and extorting money from the people who wanted electricity back, but Than Lwin Times has not been able to independently confirm it.

According to a resident, the junta forces blocked some roads and conducted searches and inspections following the death of the township’s electrical engineer, Mai Aung Nay Tun.

The authorities have not yet revealed which group gunned down electrical engineer Mai Aung Nay Tun.

It is reported that Mai Aung Nay Tun, an electrical engineer from Kyaikto Township, previously worked at the Paung Township Electricity Office, and after the military coup, he was promoted and moved to Kyaikto. News-Than Lwin Times

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