Yangon, December (1)

Mann Win Khaing Than, Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, suggested that the National Unity Government must review the actions of the Military Council and lead the people in the right direction during the Spring Revolution.

He made the remarks at the 76th meeting of the National Unity Government held on the morning of November 29.

According to Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than, as the revolution accelerates, the Military Council may use various methods to divide the revolutionary forces and cause confusion, so the NUG should analyze the situation and lead the people properly.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Mann Win Khaing Than stated that discussions are under way at the International Mini Meeting about the safety of CDM staff and activists who have fled to border areas.

The displaced people on the border face a variety of problems, the primary source of which is the military council, so he urged revolutionary forces and ethnic forces to work together to eliminate them as soon as possible.

The NUG Prime Minister recommended that efforts be made to properly handle the revenue collected while minimizing any issues on the ground.

At the meeting of the National Unity Government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ IACC working group presented the preparations for the meeting with international donors.

News-Than Lwin Times

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