Mawlamyine, December (3)

A gold shop situated near Thirimyaing ward in Mawlamyine was robbed and threatened with a gun around 2 pm on December 2, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

A man came on a motorcycle, entered the store, threatened with a gun, and took some money. The gold shop that was attacked by the bandits was the Shwe Ohn Pin gold shop near Thirimyaing market.

Around 10 to 20 lakhs were seized during the raid on the gold shop, and although the locals claimed that the gold items were not lost, Than Lwin Times was unable to verify this.

The gunman took some money and left on a motorcycle, but they did not shoot people inside the shop, the residents said.

The police are inspecting the people inside the gold shop following the raid, and they are also stopping and searching vehicles, motorcycles, and pedestrians.

This is the first time a gold shop has been attacked in Mawlamyine during the military coup.

News-Than Lwin Times

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