Palaw, December (3)

The seven military personnel were killed while they were at Htamin Ma Sar village in Palaw Township of Myeik District, Tanintharyi Region, the sources close to the People’s Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

The Myeik District Battalion 1 and other PDFs attacked the base where about 20 soldiers and Pyu Saw Htee members were stationed around 12 noon of December 1.

The exchange of fire between the two sides took place for about 5 hours, and then the regime forces retreated after suffering heavy casualties.

The seven military personnel were killed and four others were injured in the attack, the source said.

After the battle, when the People’s Defense Forces cleared the area, they found the body of a dead soldier along with one gun and five ammo-boxes. The body was burned and the weapons confiscated.

After the military coup, there have been frequent clashes between the regime forces and the PDFs in Palaw Township, resulting in casualties on both sides.

News-Than Lwin Times

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