Myanmar’s hours-long power cuts create more hardships for people


Yangon, December (7)

Power outages have lasted for hours across the nation in the 22 months since the military coup, and people are experiencing a variety of challenges in their everyday lives and at work.

Following the military takeover, electricity is supplied in a rotating fashion every three hours to townships, wards, and villages throughout the region and state.

These days, we only have access to electricity for four hours per day, and there are about 20 hours of power outages every day.

 “We have to cook rice with firewood at night, you have to use a kerosene lamp. Because of the power outage, work was delayed and computer work had to be completely stopped,” one resident said.

The junta-controlled electrical department forcibly collects the electricity fees but cannot generate power on time.

A young man who is taking an online course said that he missed the classes due to a power outages and that he had to buy a phone bill to use the internet.

The micro, Small and medium-sized MSMEs are suffering from more power outages.

A small-scale clothing business owner noted, “As a result of the generator’s lengthy runtime, maintenance and fuel expenses are spent. I must reinvest the profit in that.”

On December 1, the junta-controlled propaganda newspaper announced that armed members had blown up 48 power towers and 49 power lines since the beginning of the political change by the Military Council.

During the two years of the military coup, sectors such as education, health, and the economy have deteriorated, and the people have had to bear the brunt of the high prices that followed the inflation of the Myanmar currency.

People have to utilize wood, charcoal, and gas instead of electricity due to the military council’s mismanagement, and businesses must pay hefty generator fees.

News-Than Lwin Times


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