Mawlamyine, December (7)

Some individuals with ties to the military council are selling the land by dividing it into small plots near the military council’s proposed new international airport and the international port project near Mawlamyain, Mon State.

An international port will be constructed between Balok Nyaung Wyne and Wakali village, which is close to the sea outlet, and an international-class airport will be constructed close to Kawparam village in Mudon Township.

Locals may suffer damage since they do not know whether the land being sold by people close to the military council could be used in other ways, and the source claimed that some residents are purchasing plots of land to build houses on them.

A local said that people close to the military council are currently buying farmland near the village for 250 lakhs per acre and dividing it into four parts.

Some farmers were selling their land, some were keeping an eye on the situation, and those close to the military council were buying it at a good price.

The Military Council has allotted over 4,300 acres of land for a new international airport as well as over 360 acres for an international port project near Mawlamyine, with plans to pay over Ks 27 billion in compensation to landowners.

On December 10 of last year, the Central Committee for Project Implementation, comprised of Union Ministers of the Military Council, was formed for the new international-class airport and international port project.

Both of these two projects have not been implemented until nearly one year after the committee was formed.

On July 11, the Mon State Hluttaw Representative Committee declared that the military council’s plan was only a dictatorial project for a handful of individuals and that it was illegal to seize, sell, or handover their land because it was not an official government.

News-Than Lwin Times

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