Kawkayeik, December (10)

The junta forces have been firing mortar shells into the villages of Kawkayeik Township in KNU Brigade 6 on a daily basis, injuring some locals, including school teachers and students, the Karen National Union (KNU) and the locals said.

The military forces have conducted a series of attacks on Kawdaing village in Kawkayeik, and Pharkyainn and Taungkyar Inn villages in Kyondoe Township since December 1, despite no clashes in these regions.

The KNU reported that a mortar shell hit a car and houses, injuring a local.

Meanwhile, the mortar fired by a junta unit based at Kawkayeik exploded at a monastic compound in Maung Ma Ywarthit, and a teacher and a student sustained injury.

A female teacher, aged 30, was injured in the face and hand, and a schoolboy, aged 8, was seriously injured; both are now under medical treatment, according to the KNU’s Education and Culture Department.

Residents claim that the school has not reopened since the army’s mortar shell exploded inside it.

According to the KNU, the junta’s indiscriminate firing on the villages was causing the locals to escape to their relatives.

In November, some civilians were killed or injured by the regime’s mortar attacks and aerial bombardment on the villages and fields in KNU Brigade 6, Dooplayar District.

News-Than Lwin Times

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