Palaw PDFs warn people not to go out amid potential intense fighting


Palaw, December (10)

The Myeik District’s Battalion 1 warned residents not to leave their homes unless necessary and to abide by the rules, as fighting could erupt in Palaw Township, Tanintharyi Region, where the two forces are at odds.

Since the first week of December, the military regime’s camps and outposts in Palaw Township have been regularly attacked by the combined force of the People’s Defense Forces.

Since then, the military council has begun preparing for the conflict, which has heightened the tension between the two sides.

Therefore, the information official of Myeik District’s Battalion 1 has called for the people to follow the rules issued from time to time.

On December 8, the combined force of Myeik District’s Battalion 1, the Black Cobra Group, and the Shadow Guerrilla Force attacked the junta camps stationed at Palaw Township Hall and Pawyutkone village.

The Myeik Battalion 1 is still looking into whether regime members were injured or killed in the attack.

More than 5,000 locals have fled to safe places due to conflict between the military regime and the PDFs in Palaw Township following the coup.

News-Than Lwin Times


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