Mawlamyine, December (13)

The theft, looting, and even taking property and killing people have become common in high-security Mawlamyine during the 22-month of military coup, the locals told Than Lwin Times.

Security was tightened at Mawlamyine’s entry checkpoints, and CCTV cameras were put in place across the city after the military coup, but looting has not diminished.

On December 11, a motorbike taxi driver and a female passenger were stabbed in the neck with a knife and robbed of a motorcycle in Mawlamyine.

Additionally, on November 3, a motorbike taxi driver was killed and his motorcycle was taken near Kokhani village in Mawlamyine.

A resident of Mawlamyine said that despite the rising number of thefts and robberies, he felt insecure because the military council could not take any action.

The theft and robberies are on the rise, although a large number of regime forces have been patrolling the city and its environs in plain clothes in civilian cars and motorcycles.

A resident of Mawlamyine said that the increase in thefts and looting was due to the lack of rule of law under the Military Council.

The people are no longer protected, and the situation is getting worse because the military council solely prioritizes their safety without addressing the crimes.

In Mawlamyine, there is no rule of law after the military coup, and there are frequent incidents of missing motorcycles, theft of belongings from homes, and looting.

 News-Than Lwin Times

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