Mawlamyine, December (14)

Farmers in Mon state are having obstacles planting crops this winter as a result of the rise in agricultural input costs and general costs following the coup.

Following the military coup, the price of fertilizer, an input for crop farming, increased nearly fivefold, from 30,000 kyats to 150,000 kyats per bag, and the prices of pesticides and crop enhancers increased more than threefold.

At the same time, the steep rise in fuel prices after the military coup has affected irrigated winter crops.

As a result, some farmers said that they stopped planting winter crops this year.

Farmers who took out loans to plant winter crops were unable to repay their loans this year due to losses last year, and the Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank, which is controlled by the military council, did not offer any new loans, so some agricultural activities were halted.

Farmers were unable to add inputs during the rainfed rice season, resulting in a low yield and a low price, which led to a lower profit.

Farmers predicted that this year’s winter crop yield may drop significantly because they cannot grow as many winter crops as before.

In Mon State, green gram, black gram, beans and pulses, sunflower, sesame, and winter vegetables are grown in addition to growing summer paddy locally.

News- Than Lwin Times

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