Pala,December (28)

The combined force of the People’s Defense Forces attacked a police station in Pala Town in Tanintharyi Region’s Palaw Township around 6 pm on December 26, according to an official of the 1st Battalion of Myeik District.

The joint force of Battalion 1 (Myeik District) and PDF attacked the Pala police station, where about 20 soldiers and policemen live.

As a result of the attack, the two sides engaged in a nearly 15-minute firefight, and the extent of the regime troops’ casualties is still under investigation.

The information officer for Myeik District’s Battalion 1 stated that they went to attack for the fourth time because the Pala police challenged them to come and attack at any time.

The junta troops used heavy and small arms to retaliate against the attack on the police station, but the People’s Defense Joint Forces was unharmed, he claimed.

Locals were hiding in their homes when the two sides exchanged fire, and they were moving around as usual on December 27.

On December 21, a battle erupted in Pala Town between the junta army and the Joint People’s Defense Forces, and two civilians were killed and four others were injured as a result of shelling fired by the military council.

New-Than Lwin Times

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