epa06493349 Military troops and tanks march to listen the speech of Myanmar's military Commander-in-Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing (not in picture) on the second day of the 'Sin Phyu Shin' joint military exercises in the Ayeyarwaddy delta region, Myanmar, 03 February 2018. The two-day military exercise is the biggest since 1997, involving several different branches of the country's armed forces. EPA-EFE/LYNN BO BO / POOL

Demoso, December (29)

The junta army has increased its military presence, sending tanks and troops into Demoso Township, the Demoso PDF confirmed to Than Lwin Times.

Daily aerial reconnaissance was conducted by the military regime, which deployed tanks on the Loikaw-Demoso and Demoso-Mobye roads.

According to a Demoso PDF information official, they are prepared for a potential invasion by tank brigades of the junta.

The military council has reinforced 30 to 50 troops in the villages surrounding Demoso as an effort to prepare for the battle.  

Similarly, another 15 military vehicles arrived in Thay Suu Le, Kon Thar, and Daw Ngan Khar villages in Demoso in the second week of December, where military tensions were high.

The Karenni Nationalties Defense Force (KNDF) and the Karenni Army (KA), currently led by the Karenni State Government, have announced the temporary closure of the Dawtamagyi-Bawlakhe road at 6-mile Loikaw Sanpya in Demoso Township.

These roads have been closed since December 26, and the local people have been requested not to travel and not to sell food products with higher prices while the roads are closed.

More than 200,000 locals have fled their homes due to fighting in Kayah State after the military coup and are in need of humanitarian aid, the relief workers said. News-Than Lwin Times

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